Hi there! Welcome to the Scottish Revivals website, devoted mainly to the study of evangelical revivals / awakenings within Scotland, but also to exploring similar themes, such as revival movements elsewhere in the United Kingdom, and indeed, around the world. I’ll be adding to the site from time to time, but the current emphasis is on Scottish revivals in the period 1880 to 1940, which is the theme of my new book, ‘Glory in the Glen: A History of Evangelical Revivals in Scotland 1880-1940’.  As that study reveals, revivals were far more common in the influential sixty-year period under discussion than has hitherto been assumed. Click here for details of the book.

Despite the fact that my book is over 500 pages long, there was a considerable amount of information that did not make it into published form. At the end of each chapter of the book I have added a link to this website for details of ‘Other Significant Movements in This Period’. This additional information can be obtained by clicking on the appropriate Chapter link on the left hand column of this page.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or to share your thoughts.

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