Glory in the Glen – Outline

No nation on earth has a richer, more colourful and more longstanding heritage of evangelical awakenings than Scotland. Yet most people are almost entirely unfamiliar with this dramatic and somewhat incredulous legacy.
Of the infrequent historical studies written on Scottish revivals, most stop at, or before, the ‘Moody & Sankey Revival’ of 1873-74. Indeed it is held that very few genuine revivals have occurred since that date. ‘Glory In The Glen’ seeks to thoroughly debunk this theory, showing that religious awakenings were relatively common in Scotland until as recently as the late 1920’s.
Beginning at the year 1880, the author provides a comprehensive account of the many multifarious and exciting revivals that have taken place throughout Scotland during each of the successive decades up to 1940, when attention was turned to the War. Awakenings in the Outer Hebrides and among North East fishing communities, which favoured localities hold several unique and striking features, are considered in separate sections. Revivals among both children & students and Pentecostals are likewise seen as worthy of separate treatment.
Particularly significant is the inclusion of the first comprehensive account of the 1930’s ‘Laymen’s Revival’ in Lewis, which fascinating but near-forgotten movement is believed to have been even more powerful than the later, more-famed Lewis Revival of 1949-53.
This book is the result of painstaking research conducted over more than half-a-decade, with literally hundreds of source materials being consulted as well as numerous personal interviews recorded. Much of the material collected has never before been in public domain. Thus ‘Glory In The Glen’ tells a thoroughly absorbing and largely untold story.


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